20 ways to care for your mental health in the COVID times

  1. Be Regular with your sleep habits
  2. Take care of your physical health – ‘Healthy mind resides in a healthy body’
  3. Regular exercise releases ‘Happy Hormones’ in your brain
  4. Be mindful of your eating habits
  5. Avoid binging on food. It may be a sign of underlying stress
  6. Use substances in moderation. Never as a stress buster
  7. If you think you cannot control your substance use – Seek Help!
  8. Work is not worship! Remember to ‘switch off’ outside your office
  9. Like exercise your mind also needs constructive activities. Give yourself new experiences
  10. Devote at least 2 hours a week to your passion that makes you truly happy
  11. Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings. Negativity hurts you and others around you
  12. Judge others by their intentions and not their actions
  13. Temper your expectations from others. What you cannot control hurts you the most
  14. Best way to deal with stress is to anticipate it. Be prepared
  15. Manage your time effectively
  16. Show gratitude to others. Be grateful for what life has given you
  17. Don’t bottle up your angst. Share your thoughts and feelings with those close to you
  18. Listen to people around you. Maybe they need your help
  19. Take a conscious effort to reduce your use of gadgets
  20. Make time for your family and friends. They make your life what it is!